Sidewalk.Pro Services

Our Relationship With You

Sidewalk is always there; solid, grounded, and supportive 24/7.

Total Diagnostic

We review your brand visibility on Google, recommend fixes and resolve any errors or issues that are holding you back or limiting your reach.

Google Analysis

We analyze your account, data, images, content and reviews. Good or bad, customers are advertising for you.  Getting lots of great reviews is a skill, not an accident.  We'll show you how to get more without cheating, bribing or buying.

Communication Professionals

We respond to every single review with a proprietary method and monitor every piece of content. Our communications are fast, dynamic and completely custom each time.

More Customers

Optimization, Direct Communications and Great Content; when combined Google gives you more respect, sees you as a valuable community business and shows you in more search results.  Customers pick you more because they can see that you really care.

Reputation Managed

Your loyal customer base stays well informed and engaged - driving more business and maximizing revenue from your finely tuned Google Maps marketing machine.

Google My Business is now the leading edge of reputation when it comes to local business marketing.  We optimize, monitor and manage GMB so you don’t have to. Our instant support, 24/7 service and 100% U.S. based service team work for you.

Expertise in Diverse Content Channels

Flawless Delivery

We are experts in Google My Business and all the features that will bring you endless returns on your investment.

Seamless Management

A dedicated agent of the absolute highest quality to manage your brand reputation.  It’s the ONLY WAY!

Business Growth Focused

We’re 100% focused on your growth and customer retention so you can focus on delivering your promise.

Response Marketing

A new concept, this strategy is one of the most effective in our very social mobile times.

How Does It Work?

Our methodical approach to local business marketing is focused on the individuality of each business and each customer.

It’s easy and we’ll walk you through it.  You’ll simply add your new personal Sidewalk Pro as a ‘Manager’ to Google My Business dashboard.

Beyond all the t’s crossed and i’s dotted, a complete listing full of great content is only one part of it.  While using keywords and phrases intelligently throughout the process to get found more often is another. Images need to be high quality, descriptions need to be on point and posts need to be regular and engaging.

NO! We never copy and paste and we don’t just set up an autoresponder.  ‘That junk don’t work.’  Instead we hire and train the most hospitable, friendly customer service managers and creatives so we can do it the right way – hand crafted each time just for your customers.

Every review is a case-by-case scenario.  First we analyze – is this a ‘real’ bad review or spam?  Is it constructive criticisms, or just someone unloading their bad day?  Depending on the circumstances we use various tactics to diffuse the situation and create new opportunities out of it.

24/7 Google My Business support, moderation and management.  When Google launches a new feature or requirement, we know in advance and help you adopt.  We’re sort of a cross between a crocodile bird, a butler and a digital landscaper for your Local Marketing on Google Maps, Search and More.

Just read our emails about your business and give us a little time to really get to know you!  We need to be able to represent your business and the best way to do that is a healthy communications loop.