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Why Sidewalk.Pro?

What is Google Maps Brand Management Service – Really?

We enhance your brand, improve your reputation, boost customer loyalty and increase sales using Google My Business and Google Maps App; the #1 way to entice, earn and keep local customers. GMB is now a local-customer-focused social engagement platform and the most valuable local business digital real estate you can have working for you. But it’s also the #1 way to get crushed by your competition if you’re behind the times.

We design unique-to-you review response campaigns that deliver via Google push notifications to your customer base. We handle all your customer service questions, chats and review responses and even help create all the GMB social content you need to get ahead and grow with Google. Then we optimize, monitor and manage your platform 24/7 so you can focus more on your on-premise operations, customer satisfaction and in-store retention efforts.

It’s the most-used social business directory of all time. And consumers search, discover and pick extremely FAST. If they can’t find you quickly or your first impression is less than desirable then your opportunity is gone in split-seconds. No matter if people are local or traveling, Google Maps is the go-to for most users and drives more customer discovery than Yelp and Facebook combined.

To grow your customer base from Google Maps, it requires lots of time and skill to do it right.  As Google rolls out new features like review response, chat, 360 images, video, social page posts, special offers and now even augmented reality, it’s only getting more and more complicated and frustrating to DIY. Ten years ago it was a set and forget it platform. Times have changed.

Okay, But Why RIGHT NOW?

These are the reasons you can’t afford to wait to get started boosting your brand optics, customer base and sales revenue.

Do you pay your house contractor or babysitter to mow your lawn!? Of course not. It’s a different job for a different professional. Your “web person” and or uncle’s cousin’s nephew may have built you a website and helped set up your accounts but they are NOT Google My Business for Google Maps experts. They typically do just enough to get by and are more focused on growing their own opportunities and business than avidly growing yours. Just because you like them, doesn’t mean they’re focused on driving your growth or customer sales revenues.

Macro-economic pandemic challenges in 2020 mean you need to double down on marketing and advertising even more to make up for this year’s customer revenue losses. But the year has crippled advertising and marketing budgets nationwide. So a low cost solution that really drives revenue and creates more return business is the smartest decision. Because of our price, you’ll see a return on investment from our service very quickly, from just a few extra customers per week.

You’re already sitting on a backlog of opportunities that can drive major revenue into your door. When we start managing your account, your customers will get instant push notifications from Google Maps, personally thanking them and inviting them to come back with more people to try new things. We do this over and over, turning your reviews into a free direct advertising channel.

You don’t have time to DIY and also run your day-to-day operation and everyday you’re loosing opportunities to your competition. Less than 2% of owner operators ever actually get the job done and they almost never get to the next levels of scale because the bigger you grow, the more time and energy it takes to get the same results. You’re the captain, you need to be at the top level steering the ship, not working in the engine room.

By addressing this now, you’ll get more new and repeat customers, saving valuable time that is better put into on-premise operations. Let us start managing your Google My Business so you can start enjoying the results.

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