"It takes many good deeds to build a good reputation, and only one bad one to lose it."


People often say that motivation doesn’t last.  Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily. 
But bathing mind you, isn’t a difficult concept to stay on top of.  There are two-year old children that already have it down perfectly.  Because bathing doesn’t undergo any radical changes.  We’ve all tried that herbal shower thing, that’s not what I mean (good commercial though.)
I mean you’d have to grow new body parts for the analogy to work with how you handle the motivation to spend every day working on your Google My Business listing.

These are the 5 BIG PROBLEMS that you need to focus on.

#1. Mismanagement of Reviews

Not understanding of the raw crushing power of the internet when it comes to the most valuable real estate for local businesses – Google My Business Reviews.
Far more buyers are looking and finding businesses on Google maps than ANY OTHER PLATFORM.
It also means it’s the easiest and usually the first place people complain.
Creative criticisms aside, nothing sucks the energy out of you more than people taking their bad day out on you or your team on Google.
Good or Bad, getting reviewed and quickly responding to these reviews can be HUGE FOR ANY BUSINESS smart enough to leverage this space.
Not only is it an instant personal connection, if properly managed can turn prospects into customers and customers into raving fans! It helps in the search algorithms too!

#2. Lack of Interaction - Too busy to be social.

It’s tough as can be to be an owner operator.  You’re focused on the real business in front of you. Nobody gets, that.
You don’t have time to sit on your phone all day chatting with customers. You’d love to, but how do you find the time to write something personal to each and every one, and still be in business?!
All of them vs you?!
On top of review review responses, Google has added a messaging feature that allows 2 way communications so people can ask questions. 
And guess what, that’s gonna take up more time.
Or you have to hire another person to manage the Customer Service/PR/Marketing job that this situation/opportunity/crisis has created.

#3. Lack of Content - No time to make all this stuff!

Likewise with interaction, you take some pictures here and there but you didn’t even know there are ways to post offers and videos and stuff like that on Google.
And if you DID KNOW, you still don’t have the time. We get it!
Being transparent and just documenting the journey is seemingly impossible to keep up with!
It can make you just ignore the whole thing..

#4. Lack of DATA

Insights & Keywords are an important part of a healthy online strategy.
So if you DID have the time to do this stuff, you’d research and use keywords and other insights to prompt your response to the reviews that you don’t have time to answer.
Hi, Valued Customer! “Thanks for saying that our Fried Chicken is the Best Fried Chicken in the Near Me area!”  Please don’t keep it a secret, we really do appreciate your business.”

#5. Lack of a SYSTEM

No way to respond instantly even if you did know all of that stuff, you don’t even want to think about all the random times per day you’d get hit up with a new fire to put out or how you’d come up with ideas for new offers and images on a regular basis..
..and manage the schedule of all that jazz?! All sounds exhausting doesn’t it?!

But What if?..

..Would it be a ridiculous idea, to have all that and more handled for you?