Learn the 3 R’s that make or break your local Google Listing!

Your Reputation is Everything You Work For. Day after day, week after week, you grind and hustle to make sure that everyone is happy. 
But if you’re working on the core of your business 100+ hours every week, then how do you keep up with all the demands the world has built-in. How do you stand a chance?
How do you begin to leverage such overwhelming technological advancements?  
Even “free” solutions have a time or resource cost. 
And since ‘time is money’, how can you afford the investment if you don’t have time or people to help?  It’s a massive catch 22.
Most businesses only have one identified goal, whether it’s written down in a business plan or not, it’s simple; GET MORE CUSTOMERS!

So here are 3 absolutely vital areas to focus on to bring more people into your door.

#1. Reputation = the beliefs or opinions that are generally held about someone or something.

Google is the #1 place for local businesses to advertise. There are over 5 Billion monthly searches just for restaurants.
By DEFAULT, it is the customers’ first impression of you.  They go to the world’s most used business directory – Google maps, type in a kind of food or service and when the list populates, they instantly see your score. Is it perfect? Nope, nobody can please all of the people all of the time.
Your reputation here is more important than EVER! DON’T LEAVE IT TO CHANCE!  
Restaurants that have a 4.0 or better rating are over 200% more likely to be picked than those with a 3.9 or less on Google.

#2. Reviews - Did you know that Google Maps users are now prompted for reviews when they arrive or leave a business?

That old saying – someone that has a good experience will tell one person but someone that has a bad experience will tell the world; is completely true.  
You can be proactive in improving your score and thus your view count (and overall visits) by asking customers for a review specifically on Google Maps while you have them there.
It’s when you’re not asking for these, you’re not playing the law of large numbers to your favor.
So the restaurants and businesses that don’t ask for good ones, usually end up with a disproportionate amount of bad reviews.
Get in the game of asking, and getting your staff to ask every single customer for a good review is not only smart, it’s profitable.

#3. Responses - Did you know that Google has placed a large emphasis on “social transparency” when it comes to displaying business results?

This is a relatively new development but almost nobody is taking advantage of it!  
Good or Bad – You can, and need to respond to each and every review!
And you need to be smart when you do it!
Let’s assume you are a Fried Chicken Restaurant and a customer leaves you a review.  Did you know it’s another opportunity to show up in searches that you WANT to appear for?
So a good response would go something like this:

Hi, (UserName or Valued Customer)! “Thanks for saying that our Fried Chicken is the Best Fried Chicken in (the Near Me area, or town)!” Please don’t keep it a secret, we really do appreciate your business and hope you come back soon so we can earn another good review like this. BTW, have you tried our Fried Fish?”

So in this example there are 4 individual techniques we use together in every possible scenario:

1 – We first personalized the response by using their name or Google user name.  

2 – We used just a little bit of keyword strategy in the response.  

  • When other people are in your area and search for: “Best Fried Chicken Near Me” you have much better odds of being the business Google determines the best match for their user. 

3 – The next part is genuine appreciation for their business and to let them know that not only do you want them back, but you want TO EARN ANOTHER good review.

4 – The last step is to entice a reply or another visit with something new or different. 

Let’s not kid ourselves, it’s a lot of work to stay on top of this while you’re busy managing employees and working with live customers in your place.  
So, instead try Sidewalk.  We do it for you. We do it right. You get all the benefit of having a full-time communications manager at a more than reasonable price.